Saturday, October 08, 2005

a beginning.

this is a new thing for me. or rather not entirely new, but a revisit to something that had worked for me in the past.

i teach high school chemistry in the new is my first year teaching. the school where i work (which i will NOT mention) is public, and fairly large. i like it. i work with good kids, some of them a bit challenging (we will discuss them on the most vague of terms).

as for me, i am in a new city having moved from pennsylvania to take this job. i am living alone right now, and learning how to cope on my own, which is another big topic we will cover often.

i have a great family, who is up north for the most part. occasionally they will come up in discussion here, especially to describe how they led me to where i am.

and our last topic will be my other relationships, friends (both here and still in the north) and love (which challenges me on a regular basis, not a talent for me)

for the most part this will be private from those who know me the best, i like having objective, outside opinions, so feel free to say what you think.



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