Sunday, January 01, 2006

drugs and the modern teacher.

let me preface this entry by saying, with full honesty, that I have never sampled illegal drugs in my life. i have had no need or desire to alter my mental state with anything more involved than alcohol and caffeine.

tonite i was at a new year's party (happy new year by the way). now the teacher who was hosting happened to be into smoking up a good bit. and we also took some time to discuss the drug usage of my counterparts during college.

Now all of this conversation lead me to some thoughts....(feel free to voice your opinions on this one).
-- i realize that the question of legalizing marajuana is always present, but until that takes place how do you justify a behavior that is illegal
--how do you talk to kids about not doing something that you yourself do
--since people can go from daily habit to not using at all without much issue, does this show that unlike nicotine, marijuana is far less addictive?
--do far more people than i realize actually smoke up on a regular basis?
--am i some sort of a freak for having never participated?
--is there something about teachers that make them more willing to use marijuana?

yes they were smoking up at the i did not see it take place...once again did not participate. i just can't imagine giving up that much control of my body...i do enough dumb stuff while drinking...

so yea...let me know.


At 1/03/2006 6:56 PM, Blogger the doorguy said...

Drugs are a constant. If something makes you feel different in some way then it'll always be around.

I myself have smoked a little mary jane once in a great while. Maybe twice a year if that.

My parents never talked to me about it. They pretty much looked at it this way. "Your a smart kid. Don't worry if you mess up, everyone does. Just remember, every decision you make effects everyone you know." (nice scare tactic huh...)

When it comes to addiction, it's completely different for each person. People say you can't become addicted to marijuana. If you ask me, you can. My brother needs it daily or he becomes a big, nasty, bitch. (I do mean bitch too.)Then again, if I quit smoking cigs cold turkey I act the same way, just a lot more quiet.

I wouldn't call you a freak for not smoking. Then again, I'm not a smoker or a dealer. Those people might think so depending on how much they partake.

Big question. Do the teachers have drug tests there? If not then they're just like anyone else that doesn't have drug tests and smoke.

My basic motto is this.

Do what ever you want to do. Once it starts to disrupt my life, it's my problem. Until then, to each their own.

I think the main reason why I never got into any of that stuff to begin with is the same reason you have.

I hate not having control of myself. I've never been able to handle people like that and I hate becoming that guy. But I'll still go out for the occasional brew.

At 1/04/2006 10:32 PM, Blogger Miss H said...

yea DG. no drug tests other than the first one when you get hired and for the coaches. it makes it easy to forget what sort of influence our actions have on the teens we work with. goodness knows it is in our contract that we can at any point be tested, so i do have to say i would be fascinated to see how many people would get disciplined and/or fired.


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