Tuesday, January 31, 2006

dem stillers, etc...

as you know, every so often i like to take the time to write about something non-educational...today we will be taking the teacher spin on the pittsburgh steelers (that would be "stillers" to those of you who speak pittsburghese). being a girl who was born and raised in pittsburgh (and yes i do actually mean pittsburgh, not to be confused with the suburbs or rural regions that surround the city) i do have to love the boys in black and gold...it is some sort of dna imprint thing...i don't ask, i just go with it...

i have been working for the past several months (6 to be exact) with several other recovering pittsburghers....they are far more pittsburgh than i, but they are also men, so it is to be expected...in any case, while surfing one of my favorite blogs (Overheard in Pittsburgh) i came across a posting that made me think of the two guys in my little social group who are the most pittsburgh (dan and tim) i am still giggling at this one ten minutes later.

so, in summary, Go Stillers....and OIP is a riot, you should read it to understand why i am this way.


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