Sunday, October 30, 2005

Miss Uhm, are you coming to my game?

more often than i am called by my given name, or called Miss H, i am called Miss Uhm...which is in no way related to my given name....and the latest question of choice...."Miss ...Uhm, are you coming to my game tonite?" now, realize, i am a sports junkie, love the games, will happily cheer on all the kids....but there are only so many friday nights you can spend watching high school football....especially since my day is over at 3pm and the games don't start until like 7pm. not a fun use of time, and i don't like to go home and come back...once i leave campus, i hate having to drive the whole way back.

i really don't have the heart to say no....but good lord, there is only so much time one can spend...and i really feel bad about missing some games, i try to go to at least a few of these events....but geez....

am i a bad person because i missed cross country (how does one watch cross country races?) or because i give a preference to varsity events over JV?

and how long until i stop being Miss Uhm?


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