Sunday, January 14, 2007

a long time coming

I hate that I don't post here often enough. I hate that I am so stressed at work this year. I love my kids. I do. They help me maintain some serious humility. I value them greatly. The thing that I am struggling with right now is the lack of respect I get from them. I am worried that I am very lax in my classroom management skills. But that is another issue altogether. For now i am thankful to have my students as a distraction from my breakup...nothing like a cheating, lying boyfriend and a lengthy email from the girl he had been dating since prior to his divorce.

I say that I am over it, but I don't think I am...I don't think that I want to be over it yet. I want to have the emotional response to all of this, to be angry and cry...I just haven't gotten there, and I don't know why.

In the bigger picture, I have a new set of kids entering my class soon. should be fun.
we will see.


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