Sunday, July 16, 2006

Back in my own world

wow, ok, home...not my parent's home, but MY home. I admit now that NC has become my home. I am more comfortable here than I am in the north. Being in my parent's house is a bit daunting, like that world doesn't quite fit any more...and it is more than just going back to sleeping in a twin bed. Please don't think that I dislike my friends and family...I love them, and being so far away is very hard. But there are ways that the distance has become quite helpful. Take for example the last entry...That feeling of being left behind by my friends, it is a great deal easier to cope with from afar. I realize that while they are advancing in their love lives, I am growing more as in myself. And don't think in any way that I am better than my friends...Just that I am in quite a different part of my life. I am not sure if this is where I am meant to stay, but I feel more like the me I want to be here. As a single person, it is easier to be friends with people who are a part of serious couples (engaged and/or married) when you don't have to encounter them every time you want to socialize.

Now, here, I have my police man. A dear man that he is too. The temptation to use the 4-letter word to describe my feelings is growing, but I am not sure that it is time for that yet. What I have with him is quite special. We are talking about going on a mini-vaca in a few weeks, hoping for a last minute deal and go somewhere that we can take his dog with us.

Speaking of going places with my guy, I have a family wedding to go to in the fall in the north. We are discussing him coming with me. This would be a big deal, meeting my family. We will see what comes of that.

Other news, I have training sessions to go to this summer. It would be the one that I was suggested to go to by a guy from the school board. I have heard mentions of what this stuff is all about. It is a fairly "touchy-feely" teaching style, which is not generally me. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't offend people by the amount of time I spend rolling my eyes.

xo for now


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