Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Feature...."the questions"

a current pet peeve with my students are the useless questions that distract my students...i have gotten so sick of it that the kids now have to write down the question and i have promised that i will answer anything that they write down.

being the sharing gal that i am, i will be bringing those questions here for your entertainment.

most of the questions come from one student (name withheld to protect the youngsters), and i will type them EXACTLY as they were written....

Starfish, sponge, sea they reproduce?

Is the element K - krypton and did it come from krypton where superman comes from and is it green and can you smoke it?

Can hamster have heart attacks?

Do babies really have kneecaps cuz I heard they don't?

The skin on your elbow are they really made out of the same materials as old people nipples?

So if you cut an octapus tenacles off like quird off of Spongebob and instead of blood do ink come out

do starfish have spinal cords?

how do snakes urinate

Ms. H can't you become a virgin again (not physically but spiritually)?

What is tea bagging?

Don't Josh look like a hamster

is the statue of liberty on top of the white house?

when your parent say you are skating on thin ice how thin is the ice.

re-read those, and remember, I teach chemistry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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