Monday, January 15, 2007

dating as a teacher

So, one of the things that is a big part of my life is dating and other general relationship issues. the challenge with dating as a teacher is that the kids are unavoidably a part of it them noticing a change in mood or being out on a date and encountering a kid. no way to avoid that stuff without being some sort of a freak. And really, that stuff isn't all that big of a deal, I mean truly, the kids are cool about it all.

For the last year or so I have been in a relationship with a guy who live across the state from me. I thought (in a naive way) that the distance would not be a big deal. Long story short, fidelity was not one of his priorities, and I am once again single. What I did not take into account was how my kids would take care of me. The break up was less of a big deal than you would hysteria or gut emotion based drama...but my kids were still supportive.

Please don't think of me as that teacher who shares too much. I at least don't think that I am. But it is very hard to interact with people the way that I have to with my students and not connect enough for them to know that I am dating someone specific. So in any case, love from the kids, was sweet.

And that leads me to my current challenges, finding a new source of men to date. Now some people date coworkers, not so much an option for me, the single men are not my type and the ones that are my type are not single. Other people get together in bars, now I am a girl who does not normally hang out in bars alone, so how do I get men to approach me there? right, moving on. The internet, though a great source of potential dates, it also leaves me open to my students knowing or finding undo personal information. So dilemmas abound. Time will tell.


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