Tuesday, January 16, 2007


so when I worked in corporate offices oversleeping meant very little. Mostly it meant that I had to stay at work later than normal. By no means was that professional behavior, but the consequences were minimal and I rarely put someone else into a position of having to do my work while I was sleeping.

Today, for the first time in 2 years I committed that minor error of oversleeping. Now from this I have learned many little lessons that I would like to share with you in list form....

1. at 4'11" I should only take the child's dose of generic nite-quil

2. I can be ready to leave for work in less than 10 minutes (cuteness being ignored behind speed)

3. I do NOT look good without make-up

4. My students can tell when I don't have on make-up

5. There is way more traffic at 8am than there is at 530am

6. I do not teach well without that extra hour to get ready before I deal with kids

7. My co-workers have to do my job when I oversleep

8. I don't need a venti bold from starbucks if I get to sleep past 730am

9. My mom will not wake me if I sleep late anymore

10. The small amount of respect I get from my kids goes straight out the window when I engage in behavior that they enjoy.


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