Monday, March 19, 2007

the competition

ok, so this post will give away more info than I am normally alright with, but alas, it is too good to pass up.,8599,1599099,00.html
my school district is in the latest issue of time magazine, documenting an accusation of forced ouster of low achieving students from the high school that we are most closely competing against.

They are our rivals. We offer the same academic programs. where my school caters to low income, challenged students of a variety of racial backgrounds...this other school has a reputation of being populated by only the wealthy and the white.

over recent years the comparisons have been centered around performance on the state NCLB standardized tests...while i teach at a good school, we are not the best test takers in the district. in stark contrast, this other school does find itself at the top of the test score list. The point of fascination of me, this article documents the forcible removal of low achieving, low income, nonwhite students.

makes me proud of where I work.


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