Friday, October 21, 2005

a lack of school spirit?

what is a pep rally? i mean really, i just sat through one and the football game that came after that was so lacking i have no words to cover my thoughts on this.

where i student taught, they knew how to throw a pep rally, with actual pep and real rallying of the student body. what i watched was just a waste of about an hour of class time that we can't get back.

there is more i want to discuss on this topic, but at this point we are 90 minutes past my bed time, and i still have to go scrub the blue out of my hair.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

the scramble, and the teaching of "rocks"

ok, two topics in one...but they relate, so in my head, it makes sense.

first off, the the city in NC where i teach there is a specific rate of instruction we (as teachers) have to follow so that the kids are prepared for the state end of course test (which, like the NY regents exam, is used to determine if the student has passed the class). now, standardized tests are a topic for another day (i'll have to pull out my soap box, and that is just a pain in the butt since i am exhausted right now) but what i really struggle with is being able to teach the material at a rate that is following their guidelines and i can still at least take the time to make sure the kids understand what we are reviewing. i feel like what i do is hurt the kids more than help them, rushing them through materials at a pace that is more than they can actually handle. it just isn't fair to my rocks....

yes, that is right, i have rocks...(rock is my term of endearment for the kids who just don't get- or care to get- a damn thing i teach) ... if we are going to be technical, i have a class of 13 of them. now it has yet to be determined if they are all rocks, or if some are just dragged down by the rest of them. i really don't know what to do, if i teach them at the pace that is prescribed by the people i work for they are screwed because they will learn nothing. if i teach them at the pace they need to be taught at, they are screwed because they will not have all the material that is on the end of course test.

yea, in the end it will all be my fault.