Wednesday, July 26, 2006

da roof..da roof..da roof is on fire!!!!!!

wow is that ever the most ghetto-fab title I could have ever come up with. so a story to be told....

first, the background
I live in a decently yuppie apartment complex. all the apartment buildings are pretty, they have siding that is painted a soft yellow with white trim. the community buildings are set infront of well manicured swimming pools, they have big windows and red-brick facades...there are two of them. the little one sits fairly close to my apartment building. The big community center is the equivalet of a block or two away. It is home to many important things...the leasing office, the nice gym area, the video room, the raquetball court and the big laundrymat (not that I use any of those things)...and of course all of the maitnence equipment and supplies (including chemicals and stuff for the pool). This building is also home to all the mailboxes in the complex (for HUNDREDS of apartments).

well, that was how everything WAS yesterday.

This morning, things changed....

I woke up early this morning to get ready for my conference (I will explain in the next post). I was going about my normal routine (staring at walls, checking emails, waking slowly) and turned on the shower and climbed under what should have been the spray....being the deep thinker that I am before 7am, I thought to myself "dude, what up with the water?" And of course, the hour being early as it was...I replied with the ever so profound..."well did you pay the water bill?" (a valid question given how scatter brained I am) becoming rather indignant, I countered with "screw you"....

I won't bore you with the entire intrapersonal conversation...but suffice to say that while the water coming out of the showerhead was warm, it was entirely lacking pressure. Now, out of the shower I checked a couple potential issues that I thought were reasonable answers for the water troubles. 1) I checked the pipes under my sinks and near the waterheater {no troubles found} 2) I looked out the window because you never know when a watermain break might happen, and it sounded like a good answer {sadly there was no geyser in the middle of the street outside of my place}. Being the proper scientist that I am, I promptly gave up my quest for the source of the issue. Instead, I turned on the news and proceded to continue getting ready for my meetings.

Well I may be a bit slow in the am, but there is still some base level brain activity. So, I noticed when the traffic report said that the street that leads to my complex was closed for...(yea, didn't hear why, just heard the street name).

In any case, this made me stop and pay attention to the news for a spell. Found out why the street was closed. And why I had no water. The Big Community center, it was ablaze. A two alarm fire. Most of the fire centered around the following areas...leasing office, mailbox area, and maitnence supply area. First report from the fire marshall was that it was "suspicious." Later reports state that there was an explosion prior to anyone seeing the fire....

I am just wondering who was the disgruntled resident (or former resident) that decided they needed to lay the smack down.

Maybe you didn't need this post, but I just wanted an excuse to use this title.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

it seems I am not the only one

I like to read blogs. I find them to be greatly amusing. I love catching glimpses of other lives. I often wonder if others are vaguely entertained by the meanderings of my brain. I like to find blogs by linking to them from the blogs I read on a regular basis...just to follow the chain of interest... today I linked to Crazy Aunt Purl.... a blog written by a self described "thirty-something, newly divorced, displaced Southern obsessive-compulsive knitter who has four cats." I like this chick. I am impressed by the way she writes, talks, is a blog I will keep reading.

Now typically I do not blog about other blogs, but C.A.P. had an entry that made me giggle to no end. Allow me to explain before I share... often I feel that I am just babbling like some sort of idiot. That I make up words and string together phrases that would not sound right to any other brain but my own. Well it seems that C.A.P. does the same thing. When Jase and I went to see Pirates 2, I saw an ad for the movie she was discussing, and it is a perfect use of term.

I sent the link to Steve. He said it perfectly...."that's pretty funny, I could see you doing that"

ok, enough said, just had to share.