Thursday, November 17, 2005

dumb versus lazy?

you will have to realize that this is an ongoing debate for me. as i said earlier, the first report period ended recently, report cards went home on wednesday, and today the much anticipated wave of parental phone calls and emails has begun.

so today's parental contact is in relation to a young lady who got a big fat D on her report card (not even a failure). this kid is down right oblivious, though she recently discovered how to ask questions and try to get things clarified in class. but that isn't the point right now, the point now is that during the first quarter, this kid did NOTHING....she didn't even bother to give me a blank stare...she bombed tests, then there were four quizzes she managed to miss, and didn't bother to make them up, at all....she just screwed off, and did nothing with the grade reports that showed blanks in those spots, did nothing when i told her to make up the work, didn't show up on the days i said were the last chance for make up work.

so after all this slacking, her mom wants to schedule tutoring. i emailed her that i tutor most nights of the week and that if her daughter needs help, all she has to do is let me know when to expect her....anyone want to start taking bets on how often i see her kid???

and additionally to this, is it that the kid is dumb? or lazy? i am still voting for choice 2...LAZY!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

much needed update

a multiple part, sport-center high lights style recap-- mini-titles included

so aparently one of the things that the school system i teach for does is rotate the schools its problem students attend. that is right, rather than help these kids they just push them from one school to another one. my convicted felon transfered out recently. and i think i got 2 from other schools.

that is right, he came back yesterday, and what an effing crock. i was working very hard at not being the resident evil teacher (i wanted to). i was also working very hard at not being accusatory (felt like i could). other students have said that this boy denies stealing things from my class because i am his favorite teacher, i am not sure how i feel about that, or what i think. i am still insulted. i still want someone to apologize. i still hate teaching that class.

so i learned recently how they handle basketball in the south, and i experienced it last night. so, where i come from, if the boys are away, the girls are home. not so down here, no no, that would be too smart/efficient/easy. no, down here, when one team travels, they both do, when one team is home they all are. that is right all of them boys, girls, varsity, jv. so that means a total of 4 games in one place. that means that the games start at 4pm and don't end until quite nearly 11pm, at which point the kids have to change, clean their lockerrooms, and get settled on the bus, and then drive home. since i will be traveling with the team, this means i wait for the kids, ride the bus with them back to school, get things settled back at the school and then drive home. i (being a dumb ass) forgot to pack food, so got home at midnight and had to decide: food then sleep, or just go to bed (as it waas then 3 hours past my bedtime and leaving me with only 4 hours of sleep to be had). i opted for the sleep.

and now, i have to opt for makeup and lunch packing. later y'all
(oh, and for those of you who are asking, i think the final was 2:2, our jv lost (both) and our varsity won)