Saturday, August 26, 2006

lacking better words.... describe the sheer volume of screw ups that we faced to start the school year. And profanity just doesn't seem to do the job effectively....

Friday was the first day with kids

It was awful.

I know that in my building (we have a population of about 2300) we are
short by about 10 teachers (in addition to the 30 or so who are new this
year). There was a bit of insanity where they convinced a teacher who
had left to come back to a new department (a certified HPE teacher to
return to teach a bit of life science) but that was rejected by downtown.

We spent the entire day yesterday in was such a waste of
time that I wanted to climb under my desk and hide. My senior homeroom
of 26 students had 4 blank schedules, 1 schedule with empty slots (a kid
with no classes in certain periods), and a minimum of 5 schedules with
major errors (a kid who was reassigned into freshman classes they had
already taken and passed, etc).

Oh, yea, and we don't have class rosters yet, can't take attendance
digitally, and our new gradebook system doesn't work (I love when people
implement new computers after ineffective testing).

Top it all off with someone's brilliant idea to take the HVAC system and
computerize it. Yea, so they have been working on that all summer and
it isn't done yet. There are buildings on the campus that has virtually
NO AC and then there is my building, where the AC is on full blast, and
we shiver (seriously, it is so cold that condensation collects on
EVERYTHING...all my papers are damp). I feel for the folks in our
trailers...they (and by "they" i mean downtown) decided to put
everything (AC, Lights, perhaps electricity) on motion is

I don't know what is going to happen, but all the teachers are VERY
stressed out.

so, I am sure I will have more, but i guess that is it for now.