Sunday, June 04, 2006

obligatory immigration entry

yes yes, i know, this is long over due. both the entry and discussion of the topic.

so, one of my most promising students, who has the greatest potential for future success in the real world (business, science, law, something) came to me for help studying for her finals. while we were reviewing we talked about what she will do after she graduates. I had been encouraging her towards a future in more education. it is amazing when a kid knows there is more to the situation than the "adult" is aware of. the girl was kind of embarassed by the whole thing...and from the way she acted, i half expected her to tell me that she had a husband and a kid and that was why she wouldn't be going on to more education. but no...she told me that her family entered the country more than 8 years ago on 6month visas and have been here ever since.

this makes me wonder how many of my students are in this status quandry. what does it mean to the country we live in. what happened to people coming in droves. i know that it is a drain on the national economy to provide assistance to illegal immigrants...but i am am going to stop that thought there. this blog is about me being a first year teacher. this is about what i see with my kids. about the things that i am frustrated by. this is not about my political leanings. i do worry about the kids though. it is amazing the hoops that children must leap through just in dealing with the regulations handed down from NCLB. to add to that the drama and constant worry of an ever fluctuating immigration status just makes my head spin.

in any case..i worry about this girl. i think that she deserves more out of life. than she could get in her home country. i have hope for her. i have hope for all of them.

my year is almost over. hopefully i should have time to say what else is going on by then.