Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Things I don't want to know.

why me.
I mean seriously. I always know more than your average person because I listen to what people say. You could accuse me of being nosy or a gossip, but I still just find things out.

I guess what I am trying to get to saying here is that I have news that I know I can't share, but I have to share. So I am going to share here.

I have found out that the assistant principle that I adore and would do anything to help out is leaving to go to another school. I have found out that he is being replaced with the assistant principle whom I find to be a bubble headed whore .

This woman is not the person I want taking care of all instructional issues at the school. She sexually harasses the head men's basketball coach (who has a stunning girlfriend whom he is trying to buy a ring for). She gets way too into the PERSONAL (non school related) business of the young teachers, to the point where they feel like she is violating some sort of professional code. And more than all of that, she is only 28. Now I know that as a woman I should be supportive, and as a young leader I should be supportive. My issue is that I have a very hard time taking classroom related instruction from a woman who spent only 3-4 years in the classroom. Her claim to fame was that she was honored as teacher of the question, was it just at her school, or was it something that is worth discussing?

ok, gossip shared, I feel better.