Wednesday, October 26, 2005

does new teacher = sucker?

i think i am being taken advantage of by my students. like because i am the new teacher, i am automatically their favorite sucker who is going to get the wool pulled over her eyes. now, i need to start to explain... the school has all sorts of rules that i think are a total crock....things about cell phones that i still don't understand, rules that there can be no food or drinks in the classrooms, rules about hats, rules about sun glasses, rules about cd playrs, rules about locker use...i don't get alot of it.

i have some simple ones...mostly relating to attendance and school work (which are what matter the most to me), and as much as i don't understand the other ones, i guess i have to enforce them...the thing is, i haven't the kids have been snacking, or sneaking out text messages, or sipping on bottled water and other beverages.

well, this week, the pissy teacher has to show up. I have to start confiscating cell phones, i have to start making people toss food or stow it or go to the appropriate assistant principal for discipline (their favorite reason to suspend students here is a "failure to comply"). the thing is that if you are actually attending my class, i don't mind the drinks (if you are not in the lab) and i don't mind .... well, i guess i mind now.

i will be getting observed continuously for the next few weeks, so miss h gets to be evil.

i wonder how many will hate me, and how much LESS learning is about to start going on in my classroom...i'll try to keep you updated.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sleep deprivation

so the challenge of late is trying to get enough sleep to post.

i hate trying to keep my life in order enough to get it done and not die.


school is busy, end of quarter exams, which are a crock, and prep for report cards (the kids are freaking out, which of course leaves me freaking out)

i don't know what else to say

more when i am awake more...(man i'm not even speaking english any more)

Monday, October 24, 2005

the new version of me?

there had been a nice little post here.
when i went to publish, the words went away.
i am too tired to try again right now.