Thursday, February 15, 2007


Lots of stuff in no particular order

1. the best part of block scheduling is that the second semester students already know how to learn and you don't have to spend the first week of the term reteaching that particular skill.

2. thirty two kids in a chemistry classroom is too many.

3. sleepy kids are far better than kids who are way too awake

4. snow days are overrated...especially in the is the point.

5. teenage boys should not be allowed to have a crush on me...and I don't know if it is real, but this kid is in my classroom for no reason other than to chat with me at least three times a week. He is a good kid, and sadly enough I probably would have dated him in high school, but the 10 year age gap and the alternative police measures definitively cancel out anything that could happen with this kid.

6. I teach a girl who hears me less when I speak than TJ did when mom talked. good lord. Crush boy tosses something at her, I yell at him and the class in general (the chem room is NOT the place to be tossing anything), and before I had even finished the lecture this girl is tossing stuff back at the crush head could have exploded.

7. things with wacko girl get worse...SHE ASKS ME THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AGAIN. and doesn't listen when I answer her questions. I mean damn. THEY ARE HER QUESTIONS. I am going to have words with this girl, and she had better pass my class, because I will NOT teach her again.

8. so in my extra-super big class...which is an honors/IB class....I have the obligatory "ghetto-wanna-be" contingent (that group that attends my classes because the parents didn't want their black kids to be black...that is a totally different post which I guess I should make shortly)...among this special group is a BITCH....yes, the caps are needed...I have never met a kid so full of herself...and she cuts school. but I guess momma is on to her, or something because she got busted today and now momma wants verification of her presence in class...this should be fun. The sad thing is that i am happier with her gone....(I know it sounds awful, but she is just so rude)

9. speaking of rude. the rich white girl...who is such a stereotype...just walks around with a look of "screw you woman"....she makes it her game to try to distract the class. I need to overthrow her. It is a mission....super sad...sigh

enough for now.