Tuesday, January 31, 2006

so much for that last posting.


just spent 10 minutes typing up a witty little commentary on my favorite blog (Overheard in Pittsburgh), even took the time to use multiple little link things so as to share with you a really funny and teacher appropriate steelers commentary, but it apparently has run away, so this is the high lights reel that you get instead..... and then i log on later in the day, and things have magically returned....wtf?


in other news, i have been named teacher of the week by one of the local tv stations...it is kind of slick. don't know who nominated me for it, or why, but i feel special.

dem stillers, etc...

as you know, every so often i like to take the time to write about something non-educational...today we will be taking the teacher spin on the pittsburgh steelers (that would be "stillers" to those of you who speak pittsburghese). being a girl who was born and raised in pittsburgh (and yes i do actually mean pittsburgh, not to be confused with the suburbs or rural regions that surround the city) i do have to love the boys in black and gold...it is some sort of dna imprint thing...i don't ask, i just go with it...

i have been working for the past several months (6 to be exact) with several other recovering pittsburghers....they are far more pittsburgh than i, but they are also men, so it is to be expected...in any case, while surfing one of my favorite blogs (Overheard in Pittsburgh) i came across a posting that made me think of the two guys in my little social group who are the most pittsburgh (dan and tim) i am still giggling at this one ten minutes later.

so, in summary, Go Stillers....and OIP is a riot, you should read it to understand why i am this way.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

long overdue update

ok a few things that have been going on...

let's start with THE LOST CHILD
this little girl....i am at times without words but not without worry about this child. she has attempted to quit basketball again since my last post. she has broken up with and perhaps reconciled with her boyfriend (who seems to be one of the few people that she has a close and positive relationship with). and then there was the most recent events which perplex me...she was a no show to school on thursday and friday, for which her mother called the coach and said that L.C. was not coming to school and not going to be participating in friday's game..no mention of L.C. being ill, or unwell...but that there was some issue that had to be dealt with by the girl. not to neglect the fact that the kid has been talking about getting a job lately and just acting less and less like the kid i first met in august and the one i had known for much of the first semester. i was discussing her with the coach and her study hall teacher recently....we've come to agree that a troubling personality change has taken place. we are going to talk to the social workers who are based out of the school and see what they feel like needs to be done to help the girl. mostly because something is NOT RIGHT in this entire situation.

next topic BASKETBALL
damn, let me tell you, my kids rock....yea, no ego there or anything :)
the varsity guys team have had several articles in the local paper. tops on the local charts, i am just beyond words with the boys...and then the varsity girls are showing well...even with some drama. the jv squad for the boys have a great potential for next year...the jv girls on the other hand leave a good deal to be desired..i guess we will see who gets recruited next year.

other school events
their season is wrapping up and the kids are working quite hard. their regional championships are next weekend...i plan on spending my saturday jumping and hollaring as my boys kick the butts of other boys.
on an alternative front, i have been mentoring one of the wrestlers i have in class. a good kid, somewhat lazy, but what kid isn't. i just hope i am of some slight use for him.

they performed a comedy entitled "dearly departed" was cute/funny. one of my students performed quite well. i was impressed.


I AM DAMN POOR RIGHT NOW. stupid school district thought it was ok to pay us on 12/20/05 and then not again until 1/31/06....and having my car fixed after the accident and having my brakes fixed so i don't have another accident add up to NO MONEY. it is making me totally nuts. i am freaked about paying bills. i have my insurance due. i have my rent due. i have to sign up to take a test. my discover bill is HUGE. i need to get paid, i need the rest of my signing bonus, and i need tax return....NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

an old friend
has come to visit. it is good to see him. has been a while. it certainly makes my apartment feel less empty, and helps me to realize that it couldn't hurt to alter my living situation....
this summer looks like it is going to be crazy with weddings and such, but in addition to that, i need to change how i live, i need a roommate, and i need to get the hell out of this apartment building...it is time for a townhouse or a house-house. some more space, and some decrease in neighbor noise would be CLUTCH. i have talked to some new friends about living together and have at least one potential roommate...we will see where it all leads.