Friday, September 22, 2006

confiscated note

not from my class, but rather taken from students in the class that floats into my classroom...

a dialog between two students (freshmen)...typed word for word

guy: Hi how you doin?
girl: I knew u would say dat I'm fine u?
guy: Great I'm Just Great. Be honest am I ugly?
girl: yea, non im just playin u straight I mean u ain't ugly so no u not ugly y? u tryna know so bad from all these chicks
guy: I dk Just being stupid. I'm Just try to get on your nevers that why I keep asking you.
girl: dats not possible unless u my lil bro u can't get I my nerves cuz dats wat I b doin 2 peps
guy: O you got a boy friend?
girl: non but dis nigga I talkin 2 tryna hook up wit me y?
guy: Just askin oh so you goin to hook up with him?
girl: I don't know yet, it depend
guy: ON What?
girl whateva I don't know I just started talkin 2 him so I don't know yet?
guy: When?
girl: wat u mean, when oh I don't know I gotta get 2 know da nigga first y?
guy: I meant how long you been talking?
girl: oh since like yesterday, cuz dats when I gave him my #,
guy: Oh I don't want a girlfriend cuz I'm leaving. I just wont a fuck buddy.
girl: so wat y sayin u want dat 2 b me
guy: I didn't say that but I wouldn't mind if it was you
girl: ha u funny, but it wouldn't b me so. . . . y u wuz tellin me then & y u wouldn't mind if it wuz me & don't blurt out wat I right
guy: 4 one thing I was just sayin 2nd Because I wouldn't mind fuckin you not many niggas would. & last I say what the fuck I want out loud
girl: who u gettin smart wit u can calm down cuz won't nobody 2 affend u, so chill

and thus we have reached the end.
please leave your thoughts.